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3-Month Mentorship Program - NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA

Got what it takes to #ENTEROURWORLD? Dana Foglia's Three Month Dance Program runs June 1st - August 22nd.
This is your chance to take part in one of the most elite and exclusive training programs in the industry! Dana Foglia's extensive background in dance -- including ballet, modern, tap, African, hip hop and street jazz -- as well as her years of experience as a professional dancer -- performing, touring, teaching and choreographing for some of the top artists of our time -- makes Dana the most sought-out teacher of her generation, and sets Dana Foglia Dance apart from any other training program out there.

This three-month program allows Dana and elite faculty to work in an intimate studio setting through closely guided classes. Dancers will work with Dana on actual company repertoire, learning first hand what it takes to be a part of DFD and become a more mature mover and overall artist.

Program Breakdown:

​The program runs for twelve (12) weeks, starting June 1st - August 22nd.
Classes include*:
  • DFD Rep Classes 
  • DFD Ballet Classes
  • DFD Heels Classes
  • Technique Classes
  • Conditioning & Strength Training
  • Prop & Floor Work
  • Partnering Techniques
  • PLUS one-on-one mentoring sessions with Dana Foglia
  • AND additional performance opportunities
* Additional classes taught by company members.

Application Details:

Who Can Apply: The program is open to male and female intermediate and advanced dancers only.
Application Cost: A $50 non-refundable fee must be submitted with your application.
What You Need To Submit: The application requires one 2-minute video with a short spoken introduction explaining why you want to be part of this program, followed by a short solo dance in the style of your choice. Class or previous performance videos will not be accepted. The full submission should be sent via  one private / unpublished video link.
DEADLINE: All applications must be received no later than APRIL 5th, 2020 - Selected dancers will be notified via email.
A $750 non-refundable deposit is due within 72 hours of acceptance to hold your spot!

Apply Now:

STEP ONE: Use the below link to first pay the $50 application fee. You will need your PAYPAL TRANSACTION ID to apply.
STEP TWO: After submitting your payment above, fill out the below application providing your PayPal Transaction ID, First/Last Name, Email, Experience Level and provide a single link to both your introduction and solo dance videos.* 
* REMEMBER: Previously submitted videos will not be accepted. A new solo dance video must be shot for the program.
NOTE: You will be notified by email of your acceptance into the program.
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