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Through years of training in numerous dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Graham and Horton techniques, African and street dance, Dana has eloquently been able to fuse her knowledge and create a unique style of her very own. 


This class will always begin with a proper warmup of the entire body. Cardio, stretching, strengthening and an overall focus on preparing the body for the work to follow will leave you sweating and mentally prepared. Following warmup Dana will meticulously dissect her creations through focused energy along with you. Dana’s teaching methods will allow you to focus clearly on how and what your body is doing and feeling.


Goals of this class are to find more quality of movement, range of motion, stronger dynamic and strength both on the inside and out! Dana always focuses on training her students to become quality movers. She knows this leads to success in all styles of dance and creates a well rounded professional level dancer at the top of their game ready for any challenge thrown at them. Her focused attention and support for her students will be sure to keep you motivated and working harder than ever before in an environment that can only lead to growth.

Contemporary Fusion with Dana
Heels with Dana

 HEELS with Dana 


Dana has established a unique, original technical approach to training her students for their fullest potential in heels. After her successful dance career behind artists dancing in heels she realized there was a need for an educator to bring this style to the studio! Back in 2007 Dana taught the very first heels class at Broadway Dance Center and has created a technique and training in heels that is unparalleled. 


In this class you will first focus on a warmup done barefoot. Concentration is on your foundation, feet, connection, flexibility and overall strength. This will be followed by a detailed breakdown of choreography through Dana’s unique teaching methods. Focus will be on quality of movement, proper lines, sensuality and overall performance.


The goal in this class is to gain a better understanding of one's body and the skills and tools that are needed while dancing in heels.


 STREET JAZZ with Boy Boi 


This class is geared toward gaining exceptional strength and extension both physically and musically. The class will begin with a guided warm up where you can start to isolate your body and create consistent length from the top of your body past the ends of your limbs. Next he will introduce and work on a prepared combination of movement. 


Most of the class is structured as a breakdown. The movement is broken down into what is seemingly the simplest form and through repetition he will explain and emphasize where the energy should be placed throughout the body. The pace and energy of the class will allow you to push towards fulfilling each movement before moving on to the next. When the purpose or desired feeling and look of each move is understood you will be able to work on the relationship between each movement. The transition is usually what takes the most practice and is least commonly explained. He will be sure to help make the movement feel as natural and meaningful as possible. From then on he will energetically sync the class with the music so there is room and time to enjoy moving. By this time the movement is memorized physically and the student can freely dance to the music. 


Ideally there is no end point with Boy Boi’s lesson. He hopes the student will gain an understanding even if just mentally, of a higher quality their body can achieve. The way in which the student takes the class and attends to their body is the major intention of the class. To be able to perform any style of movement  with great integrity and patience.

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Street Jazz with Boy Boi
Ballet with Lisa Ebeyer
Lisa 1.JPG

 BALLET with Lisa Ebeyer 


Lisa will focus on the proper execution and fundamentals of ballet all while encouraging you to enjoy movement! She will focus on alignment and give you the proper tools to keep with you along your journey in hopes to prevent injury and keep you dancing forever!

Lisa Ebeyer knows how to bring the best out of every student after a long professional career in classical ballet and her knowledge of gyrotonic and Pilates. She has been working with Dana Foglia Dance for over 5 years now and has truly fallen in love with teaching ballet to a wide range of levels.


Ranging from the most advanced classical dancer to the commercial dancer that is seeking more understanding of their body , Lisa makes everyone feel safe and comfortable in the environment she creates in every class. We are lucky to have her!

Pilats ith Casey Gonzalez

 PILATES with Casey 

Pilates with Casey is stimulating and challenging for the body and mind. A core value of her work is utilizing precision and control to balance out compensations and unlearn the bad habits that our everyday life can create. In class, you will address the whole body through the abdominals, aligning your center to gain more intricate perception of movement, ultimately making the potential your body has limitless.

Casey Gonzalez, an Arizona native, has had a passion for movement from a very early age. After receiving her Certificate in Dance from The Ailey School in New York City, she broadened her knowledge of the body achieving a BS in Healthy Lifestyles and Coaching from Arizona State University. Since moving to LA in 2014 Casey has enjoyed bridging the gap between the commercial and concert dance worlds getting to work on projects for Smirnoff ICE and Mastercard. Casey has danced for choreographers such as Mandy Moore, Travis wall, Teddy Forance, Andrew Winghart, Matt Cady, and Iris Company under direction of Sophia Stoller. 


Casey has toured internationally with Sweetbird Productions performing in Adrienne Canterna's "Rock the Ballet, France", "Rock the Ballet X" and "Romeo and Juliette" ballets serving as Dance Captain on her most recent tour. Casey has been teaching classical pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® for the past six years at Mind 2 Body Studios in Studio City, California, working with Dana for the past two years.


Casey feels most passionate about working with dancers and is so excited to join the DFD team! From her own experience, seeing it in her clients, helping dancers move most efficiently and consistently is Casey's mission. The aim is to unlock the greatest potential in each body. Outside of Casey's appreciation and passion for movement. Casey is the mother of two, four year old sibling cats, Fred and Ginger.

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