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Mariah Chandler is a Los Angeles-based professional dancer with Michigan roots and a Midwest work ethic. She grew up in a competition dance studio that emphasized ballet, jazz, contemporary, and everything in between. She then earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in dance at Oakland University in 2015. Upon graduation Mariah eagerly moved to L.A. to pursue her passions as a working dancer and teacher. She has had the pleasure of learning from various choreographers, has also performed in numerous live events, and has danced for multiple artists including Billie Eilish. 


Mariah first trained with Dana Foglia in 2014 as a mentee, then continued to do multiple DFD programs after that. She later on began dancing for her as a company member. Dana’s mentorship and training have had the biggest impact on her dance journey. She has performed as a DFD company member in productions in Amsterdam, New York, and L.A. Mariah feels her most fulfilled performing and training with Dana Foglia Dance.


She lives by the motto: “Be a good, hard-working human first and the rest will follow."

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