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“My favorite place to be is in the studio with people who are striving to be their best, with no reward at the end other than the work and the art,”


- Dana Foglia

Throughout the world, Dana Foglia Dance offers a variety of educational opportunities, including weekend intensives, 6-week intensive programs and the 3-Month Mentorship Program in Los Angeles. Several hundred students have participated in these DFD Training Programs, enabling Dana to create an army of dancers with a new level of purpose, focus and awareness.

Through these intensives and programs, students are given up close training and immersion with Dana Foglia and her company, significantly enhancing and transforming their talent, perspective and direction. Her commitment to transforming dancers and truly mentoring her students is evident throughout these programs. Dana has created an environment in which students are not only given the tools they need to succeed, but a community that can inspire and motivate them beyond the program’s length. Dana is impacting the current and future generations of dancers, one program at a time. With the constant evolution of Dana Foglia Dance, and Dana Foglia’s continuing innovative force, there is no limit to the phenomenal accomplishments her students and her company will achieve.

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